Power and Energy Solutions

UPS Backup Solution


In today's world where power requirements are increasing, utility power quality and reliability is decreasing. Normal everyday routines are constantly exposed to power problems such as power outages, sags, or surges. Any of these problems can spell disaster for the unprepared. Down time resulting from power problems costs industries billions of dollars over the course of a year. Industrial and commercial end-users need to be prepared when the power that they rely on is also a potential problem. One way to protect critical systems from power outages and sags is our true on-line & line-interactive uninterruptible power supply.

Solar LED lighting systems


ATENCO PT solution partners are a specialized manufacturer of top quality LED Street Lighting for LED Lighting Industry for over 20 years. with listed CE, CNS, UL approved products. 

Our solar lighting products range offers revolutionary lighting & connectivity systems for a wide range of lighting applications. providing the industry leading and proprietary solar lighting solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. 

Our solutions have been installed on highways, freeways, neighborhood streets, rural roads and other applications. with less than 1% of LED Lighting fading rate within 4,000 hours.

Tailor-Made Solar Solutions


ATENCO PT offers tailor-made solutions ranging from individual solar panels, inverters to complete PV systems. ATENCO PT is a complete solar energy system provider that offers self-consumption systems to the commercial sector, private households that generate their own electricity via a complete photovoltaic system, or even entire solar parks. ATENCO PT can help develop a tailor-made, personalized concept that fits your needs and energy requirements while considering localized conditions. you will discover a comprehensive product range for both grid connected and off-grid solar energy solutions that you can rely on.

Switch Mode Rectifier SMR


Switching Mode Rectifier(SMR) that combines with battery provides uninterruptible DC power to any type of telecommunication systems. The reliable and low noise rectifier module is compact and ideal for any type of environments. Multiple rectifiers can be configured into a single unit with its multiple slots and controlled by a supervisory unit (CSU). 

The system can be monitored and remotely controlled by a modem using WinCSU software. The control features active current sharing, accurate battery voltage regulation, battery recharging current limit control, automatic battery equalization, and battery temperature compensation.

Highest Quality PV Modules


From planning to fulfillment of photovoltaic systems, ATENCO PT and its specialist partners offer the highest quality of solar modules. which must be chosen to suit each environment, load capacity, wind load, salt water resistance, roof size, and efficiency. 

In addition, ATENCO PT attaches great importance to ensure that every solar module impresses with its efficiency and longevity. ATENCO PT deliver systems and solutions of the highest standard. 

We provide solar systems that work optimally for more than twenty years and achieve energy cost savings of up to 80 percent.

Diesel Generator FSC


Diesel-powered generator with its simplicity, low cost and speedy installation remain the main electrical power source especially in less developed areas such as Africa and South Asia where grid supplies are generally unreliable and quite often non-existent. However their associated costs have recently soared, which adds to concerns over CO2 emissions in driving the search for alternative energy solutions. Providing our Fuel Save Controller (FSC) allows the use of cost-efficient solar energy to generate power in order to lower fuel consumption from diesel generators. ATENCO PT PV Inverters Series provide a full Off-Grid or Grid-Tied power solution, giving power to some of the most remote locations. 



ATENCO PT battery storage systems help makes your home less dependent on electric utility companies and right away allows you to use your self-generated electricity at rates comparable to standard household electricity rates.

Our Energy Storage System is a great investment to help reduce your energy bills at home. During the daytime it charges its battery using solar energy and then uses the electricity from the battery during peak rate hours. ATENCO PT offers turnkey energy storage systems that are ready for connection to medium- or high-voltage grids / off-grids and cover a power range from small systems to hundreds of kilowatts. enabling to supply and help to maintain stability and ensuring reliable and high-quality energy supplies.



ATENCO PT partners carries a wide variety of Oil / Dry Type Transformer for you. Promoting almost all kinds of Dry Type Transformer with low competitive offer, our Dry Type Transformer.

only uses the best A class, B class or H class insulator. With varnish, the dry type transformers are humidity-resistant, compact and safe. Suitable to be used in the building which demands low voltage power supply or in maritime industry.

Range of Production :

Up to 6.6kV, 2,000kVA   Types :

A class dry type transformer

B class dry type transformer

H class dry type transformer

Marine dry type transformer

customized dry type transformer



ATENCO PT partner's switchgear provides centralized control and protection of low and high-voltage power equipments and circuits in industrial, commercial, and utility installations. Our products range from the fully intelligent, engineered and custom tailored high & low voltage switchgear, Gas-insulated switchgear, Motor control centers, and Control panels. All products meet major standards such as ANSI, JEM, and IEC. Our ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified factory ensures quality production and environmentally compliant facility.   

Main Products: 

High-voltage metal-clad switchgear

Gas-insulated switchgear (GIS)

High and low voltage switchgear

Motor control centers

Control panels, Distribution panel.

Solution Brands