SELFNERGY Single phase Self-Consumption 3.3kW - 5kW


Inverter for self consumption of PV electricity application· Iconic display easy to monitor energy flow with Default smart meter with split-core CT for smart load controland easy installation.

  • Self consumption application of solar power energy storage system.
  • User-friendly-interface to monitor energy flow easily.
  • Intelligent load management with smart meter and split-core CT.
  • Special external capacitor modular design extends life span.
  • IP65 fan-less nature cooling design.
  • Work up to 50°C without derating.
  • High battery discharge power (5.3kW), charge/ discharge efficiency > 95%.
  • Applicable to connect with Genset to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce fuel cost.
  • Selectable scenarios for sophisticated energy application
  • Optimize charge / discharge control for long life span ofLi-ion battery (optional)
  • Extendable Li-ion battery pack design from 4kWh~20kWh(optional).
  • IP65 fan-less nature cooling design / up to 50°C without derating.


Standard Warranty are 5 years.

Download Data Sheet

SELFNERGY Single phase Self-Consumption 3.3kW - 5kW (pdf)


SELFNERGY – L Single phase 48VDC 3.6 kW -5kW


  • Residential Energy Storage System SPH 48V Series.
  • Off-grid Application Compatible; Uninterrupted power supply.
  • Water and dust proof (IP65).
  • Full automatic control, flexible energy management.
  • Maximize self-consumption to lower your bills.
  • Easy compatible with Lithium-ion, Pb, Pb-C, Flow, Battery etc.
  • Optional CT or Smart Meter increase power control precisely.
  • Wall mounted or rack mounted is available.

Enjoy Energy Independent Life

With Energy Storage System + PV, it is now possible to effectively manage full energy cycle in your home through Self Generation - Storage -Consumption. Now you can enjoy a house full of energy with less electricity cost and secured power against outage, or join integrated energy sharing community.

Greater Energy Cost-Efficiency


Think about this: During the day, PV is generating but no one is using, energy will be wasted without storage; however at night, you still buying energy as before because there is no Sunlight. SPH will allow you to use solar generation at night and truly minimize electricity you need to pay for.

Load Shifting (Peak Shaving)

Because of the rate fluctuation, your actual electricity cost will go up and down time to time. SPH provides charging / discharging time setting which will help you store cheaper power for later use and increase money saving.

Operation Scheduling

Being part of a community, rate fluctuation will affect your neighbors in the same way as it did to you. SPH allows you to decide discharging power and time; that means storage energy can be shared by neighbors and brings you additional income.


Standard Warranty is 5 years. 

Download Data Sheet

SELFNERGY – L Single phase 48VDC 3.6 kW -5kW (pdf)